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Keiko Kitano.:It was exposed at a bathroom in a parking lot of the city.

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A New Year's plan is beauty's big release! Keiko Kitano had appear before, and SUGOKU was pretty, so I requested a re-appearance. This time is a challenge in exposure. I'll bring you to a little popular public restroom, and it's a favor variously. Keiko who answers though they feel embarrassed. A thigh is opened at a public restroom, and there is eros! Erotic! Keiko who feels embarrassed again is cute. In the restroom, FERA, please, after making your mouth launch, I move at a hotel, and, GACHI raw HAME. The end, in MANKO, during, it's being taken out and it's being done, so please see it certainly! w

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"If it's only your face, it's perfect, they're good-looking! I had an unpleasant hunch from the name, like a certain actress, hinnyuu and a spear man! !!" "A face is a pretty, slender and refreshing image. It's room room a little the lower part of the body is compared, and is very grotesque, and without hesitating in actor's huge TIMUPO, I hold in my mouth and it's included. When there are no thicknesses, you wouldn't be able to make that meet conversely. The teat of PINKO rising was also attractive, and erotic KU saw in the whole." "For a face, quite, beauty. Rather thick man hair and Mann of Mory are very nice. OMANKO when wearing pants, is II in particular." "A style was outstanding and I was astonished that MANKO is grotesque because it was pretty. It's removed and it's DOKORO filling." "Mr. Actor's that was rather big, so the face which is being held in its mouth was good by a F scene in the restroom."

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