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Yu Yoshinaka.:My slender daughter and the audio visual imitation by which Makoto Konishi◯ beauty is resemblance!

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The place where the jeans which are often judged from an audio visual are again is reeled through, and, ETCHI, he, Makoto Konishi◯ beauty challenges with a slender daughter of resemblance. Audio visual imitation. In person's purpose of fetishism of jeans! I'd like to take an adult picture! It's explained to Yu, A? Such, is it in demand? Said.... certainly! If but not trying it, it isn't understood! First, a beautiful leg, I resuscitate, and, foot KOKI. Jeans are ground into CHIN KO, and, motomata play. It isn't motomata.... The limit of the last line, a part in MANKO is cored like an audio visual and rawness is inserted from there! Eros comes to this fairly. It's worth a womb-,-,-, a bonbon throws up a jargon fairly with etc., Yu. The end is launched in such talkative mouth! It's said that the spermatozoon was bitter....

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A comment: "I put it on and like HAME, but it's slightly regrettable that a favorite slender body is hidden." "This, too thin, it's going to be divided whether you like Mr. ME who steams play of jeans and an unusual thing are being also done, so I think it's worth a glance.", right? "Yu Yoshinaka was slender and OMEKO where pretty GABBA opened was grotesque, and EROI was my erotic daughter who puts on a jargon while laying whether it isn't ashamed out and saying." "There is eros, jargon on parade! Even though they seem to have also used a frame for a long time there not completely satisfactory, but it's held, can "Oku have the No and the* back No ZUKOZUKO... and standing on hind legs entered in".., if it's called, I riot. It wasn't the medium stock, so, one star decrease" "Firing of a vulgar word and the sex from which ZURI took jeans down have very fine teamwork and are here and feel away by a face and are outstanding in eros."

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