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Snow-white A:OMANKO big opening to the public just after favorite MANKOSEREKUSHON-maiden loss-

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Eye Coco lek-tion breaking out! I had snow-white Yu who lost a virgin just now do onanism by a rotor. If you're frustrated, do onanism, because I want you to make them take a close-up photography picture of OMANKO, (warai), what, anyway, OMANKO! Completely, I miss, OMANKO! Than 3 times of feed, OMANKO! The eye sacrificed to such you, this!

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A comment: "I also hope that you reflect girl's expression." "It's also quite good to appreciate MANKO just after the maiden loss carefully you'd like free complete nudity.", isn't it? "It's the one from II that a male hand doesn't come out, a rotor is just hit, without devices! On the setting, a worthless one or, I don't also have a YARU intension! !!" "Hair of ASOKO seems natural, and the flyer flyer out of which I stuck is slightly vulgar. MA DAPAKKURI isn't pierced." "The OMANKO observation after maiden loss is good, the sense which isn't quite satisfactory with CHO can't be denied."

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