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Rika Yamagishi.:Micro MUSU ME of 143cm flies and loads a special-sized rotor by the KKO walk-yukata figure-.

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Of 143 centimeters intolerable in micro-loving, super, micro Rika appears by the yukata form! Rika who speaks catches my father heart in an upward glance calculatingly in RORIRORIFEISU. A man tenders a special-sized rotor to Rika. Rika dabs minimal MANKO, and I find "Does such big one enter-?" away. I try to put GWIGWI in, but unfortunately I don't enter the inside. Then,-said, to dab a clitoris and stroll through a downtown. At the time when I'm talking with a man at downtown, KOSSORI and switch on. Then Rika's mouth, half-open, I do and make them have some turns!

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"Your face is a gal course, and the pretty infant figure is also right, but it's no reaction, so, NU KE! !!" "This one is preferred to the KAA-!! chat which isn't Okawa! !!" "It's too pretty, !! re-appearance request ^^" "How to feel is quiet, but it may look like RORI again there. The eros Sean by whom a big root is inserted in a dramatically small body can't call everything, well, but you have that!" "The feeling to finger a small body doesn't collect. In addition to that the yukata form is sprouted away."

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