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Kuroda net:First outdoors FERA

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First perfect outdoors exposure and non-opening to the public of FERASHIN of Kuroda net, big opening to the public! The net who is ashamed by the upper part of body nude from the location of the state completely exposed to view from the next building at the window-side, and seems to do. A man hands a sketchbook and a pen to the net good at a picture, and you draw a sketch of CHINKO by window opening. CHINKO where I'm a man when Zillah Zillah is ashamed and seems to do and finishes sketching outside the window while seeing, is with which MUKUMUKU has swollen all too soon!

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"Of the year, comparatively, a pretty face and clean Coman! Does a collapse teat rise easily?" "FERA which is seen as the feel I don't have a mind to do somehow. Characteristics of the amateur is intolerable!" "Everything is "Yes, yes." and an obedient girl halting FERA looks like an amateur, and...", isn't it? "Anyhow first experience may be tension certainly. But this lady is 2 of simultaneous appearance successively."

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