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Kozaka Kaori:My daughter who feels is businesslike and I should overcome-

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Though they're Kozaka Kaori who has come to the underwear model and picture taking, why is there a video camera? You can question a man suspiciously. A man is convinced that a khan explains a video camera strenuously while sweating though he doubts as expected. A man makes Kaori a little excited to fire a lower ingredient for sushi though he takes a picture. But when a man tries to touch Kaori's body, a chest is covered with both hands and it's blocked! But because it's photography, the chest by which a man is Kaori, chubbiness, while rolling, the look was fascinating, and a body was also beginning to twitch!

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"The acting ability outstanding in plan stop at the back indeed at the table!!! NU has been also here twice! !!" "It's pretty at the former inside, after I'd like to request a part-time job by all means, it's expected." "It's a good one processing of Simo's hair also looks good and good for a chestnut and a flyer flyer. They seem to use for a long time a little the face when being thrust at back, is best.", don't they?, isn't it? "A rod rod sense doesn't collect. Aren't you any actresses? I'd like that!" "The HITTO deg (the (maru) ( ( (the (maru)∀ deg))) deg) deg)(maru) the good work which is to the extent I'd like to see carefully without fast-forwarding this. The installments pattern from this underwear model may look like GACHI.".

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