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Misa Akashi.:By a rotor in the snowfield, I, my disgraceful daughter

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Because it's special travel, I'll make the EROI fact commemoration. "I'd like yes." and, even if a smiling face adopts cute Misa with gentle nature actually, EROI. Clothes are rolled up in the snow scene which freezes and the teat which rose is exposed to a bottle bottle. Because it's cold, does this teat rise? Or is it already felt? Slightly selfish Misa who says that... is sometimes deserted, also having the expectation which is collected a little, and (warai) doesn't want to be tied because there isn't boyfriend now. Then, you'll forget everything today and enjoy yourself by this snowy district, right? When I put pants into use and condemned, that uttered a loud cry, and a YOGARI disorder and pant voice were echoed in the mountain. By a rotor, unconsciously, I, my disgraceful daughter requests FERA right now here and makes a picture in the magnificent snow scene. The nature is wonderful! There is* which returned and melted CHINPO where I freeze by Naka of Misa at a hotel.

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