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Moeko Kudo.:At downtown exposure of report resolution-Miss KYABA and an exposure photography hotel, raw HAME ',-

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It's Moeko of Miss active KYABA that you have arranged to meet and have come to the place. It's made 21 years old, and there is a domestic place, and it's said that a dish is the specialty. reki where boyfriend isn't here, half year, sex is also slightly silent! First experience is finished by 16 years old, the experience number of people is also nearly 10, in a hurry. I like shopping very much, so how much don't you also have enough money in KYABA! There is a favorite actress, and one seems to think whether it's possible and want to be applying, too. GYARUKYABA which takes every kind of order pleasantly is full of service spirit indeed from light teat exposure at a park to bold pubic hair exposure at a bustling bicycle parking. I enter a hotel and am impressed with the sunlight put in from a window, and it'll be the underwear form, and there is also a pretty place where I'm bathed in a sunbath. Then, then, first the legs wide apart will be expanded, and do you show me OMANKO?

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"Even the appearance is a girl of Miss KYABA really. Dirty salt MANKO is also black, and the bottom is erotic. It's three stars out of consideration for medium stock." "Just, erotic, well I'd like the gap where a bottom is dirty by a grotesque man bristle by the feature." "Seen feeling super-eros was so, and it seemed good, but is it taken off or...? There are no impressions too." "I thought it's pretty when having got dressed, and expected it, but, when it's taken off, various places are the one of the regrettable Nakaide flirting,☆ 2" "Miss KYABA doesn't see there is a compulsory sense, not a gal.", does he?

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