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Horikawa Maki:I refrain from a detective-CHOI BUSU gauze circle child, GACHIHAME which cries-

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Excuse me is juu agreement, it's also similar to that SEREBUSHINGURUMAZA gauze circle child by the point of view, isn't it? Right! I may think a face is BUSU by a person, but it'll be a body whether it's there-, and it's EROI. Work at noon is being usually done, real problem (warai) spending money I don't resemble even if something I want is excessive much, and I resemble SEREBUMAMA where only work isn't enough at noon, I want, I say that I met this photography. Well, you couldn't dive easily so far, it's said that they were interested in such world from the past. Kill two birds with one stone is certain in order to get money and lust Nozomi taking this time as an opportunity, isn't it? Maki who has arrived at a hotel is something quite bold and the personal eyes, but the sex at the public bath is must-see!

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"CHOI* and SAEKO are the one I named well! The body done plumply and, briskly, man hair is II!" "If I say whether oh is BUCHAIKU, it'll be lay there, but I think it's ordinary. Erotic SA felt." "It was better not to take off review DOURI sunglasses of Maki's and others person." "Since wearing sunglasses, it's imagined well. After taking it off, it was more impossible than imagination." "If I don't want to touch a public, it'll be useless only by sunglasses. When being excited, but the moment when glasses come off doesn't collect."

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