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sawamare Mona:The city legend inspection to which eros is preferred by stupidity

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How is the city legend you ask talk! Is it true! Mus accounts, and I'd like to inspect ten☆ this time. It's after it's specialized in a city legend about sexual intercourse of course. Anyway what does ME which steams an experiment need? If voice will be hung already at the residential area in the middle of going to the pick-up in front of the station, it has succeeded. When "it's the experiment which is MAJIME, but, O" is translated, I'd like to do a stupid erotic experiment in MAJIME, but O. In the room where I arrived, a vibes, it thunders. Why, wrinkles are also the gate where I come near in the Mona's middle of the forehead. I'm Mona who makes the atmosphere which would like to return a suspicious experimental tool and a claimed art object indignantly, but if ten☆ this ONAHORU won't be strays into Mus's hole, it isn't fulfilled to run away. I protest with the slender voice which seems faint. Such thing will come I one after another without interference. If eye drops are added to an inspection 1: drink, is a yuuin action caused! Does anything called an inspection 2: aphrodisiac work really! When the inspection 3: boy eats a burn, do you have impotence! When an inspection 4: ejaculation is done, is a brain destroyed! When washing with inspection 5: Coke, is it true that I don't become pregnant! Well! Which forgot to prepare Coke!

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"Your face looks good-looking, but there is almost no unevenness for a body! Though it isn't also CHINKO which concerned, is insertion shallow?" "Surprisingly, I'm also the child who seems ordinary, such child's H, whether it's good that the form can be seen, too." "Mona, eyes, pie bread bullying is burned in the RORI face by which PACHIRI seems quiet, it'll be." "I'd like the place which doesn't look like acting by the natural system. An image was damaged, so pie bread wanted you to stop." "There is eros so that I can't think Mr. amateur, and I think a lady. Oh, it's done, and, and, it goes well with pie bread and looks good."

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