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Kyoko Asada.:WAA which didn't think I was businesslike and worked part-time-hair was shaved-

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It's Kyoko who looks like an adult a little that you were arranging to meet and were waiting by a place during being windy. I'll soon go to a NURENURE (warai) hotel already in the coldness during strong wind by mini failure, I become embarrassed suddenly, and, a cheek, they seem to blush. There is boyfriend, but do you come to such byte and prefer? Only, H, if, though I thought, the extraordinariness I'd like to do is shaved and destroys a bud by CHINPO, and makes the man hair.... How is it explained to MANKO which became slippery and boyfriend? By which now should be than such thing or! To the erotic play which can't still be imagined from an undeveloped body, a man is openmouthedness, too. The bottom where a soft breast has Hari. To enjoy the zekkyou sex of the sensitive girl....

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"Your face, in a hurry, a style is also II! When a flyer man will take pie bread, it looks slightly beautiful!" "This KO is good I feel like seeing repeatedly. joke is also best. If there is also an anus with this.", isn't it? "Kyoko is very cute and, you have fine teamwork and shave hair, and it's best." "Though I'm my cute daughter, why is hair shaved intentionally? Meaning obscurity" "Because a lady can be businesslike, it's wonderful every hope seems granted.", isn't it?

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