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Ishii collar?:The extreme M-DOHENTAI where your daughter likes circle strangling play-

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I arranged to meet at Erica's convenient place. mae in that luxury supermarket, please. Because is Erica's last name same? I find out that unlucky rain was fine for a place with a roof, but it's slightly thoughtless that your daughter is thinking. It's also strange talk that a natural staff tells common sense, KAA which can take a picture at such. Please, oppositely, it's said that the trigger of an application is money with the appearance which seems well brought up. Are there unavoidable circumstances? The pitfall where a dimple is sexual intercourse. It won't be done also to pull this with such beauty at the front. It has been asked at downtown with traffic variously ridiculously, but I'd like to crash in and hear talk a little more, so I'll go to a quiet place. I think a person doesn't understand more as Erica's past is heard. Hard, a DO abnormal episode comes out. The state by which the person himself doesn't feel that though it's the DO M which is to the extent it's pulled, a little. "It's probably M." for, Erica is M very much. Erica's favorite play was NG by law, so you couldn't reappear. Only DON is. By seeming light slenderly, the, that, I'll raise slightly roughly.

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"It's noisily and useless! A body is felt in fifties! Are an eye eye and your chest being twiddled? Only Coman is plumply! !!" "When maybe that it was very elegant by a daughter face sees the lower part of the body, an impression changes completely. The one which was loaded on its thin form so that it was too thin is the fleshy flyer flyer which hardlies believe its eyes. Not fleshiness of the so-called Mory man system of MAMUKO, but a flyer flyer is fleshy. These indecency and gap with elegance of your face were very excited without incompleteness. I want you to taste the impact other people can also call this event by all means." "I like slenderness, this is overdoing. I don't think it can be removed. The meaning to have that is wonderful." "A collar overcomes, oh, it's very slender, the ^^ waist 55cm is wonderful, I'm excited at thin body extra bold chin O's sticking, the architrave of man O is also sexy." "If I have come, clothes look like your neat daughter and are pretty, but, that I'm too thin when I make take it off, a large flyer flyer was painful."

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