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Tanaka agrees.:The most dangerous town exposure- Are there many people there? -

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Hagia I'm speaking politely by a respect language, but to whom Kansai accent goes out here and there. It's said that they eat chop suey today. It's expected to do so that legs don't rise as here, can I cook after dirty? Please, such EROTOKU is being unrolled at a park in the middle of the residential area, but is it OK? Even though there is a number for the outdoors exposure, today is the most dangerous town exposure. Please take out the bottom at downtown where person's voice around is to the extent I hear. I do whether Hagia's underwear is gloss and am here. 0.1 mm isn't lighter than a condom, I overcome, and, pants, the bottom, bare, like, completely exposed to view. But, we don't know a condom well, but it's said that they also see seeing :-0 "There are many people, but (kon) isn't it seen there?" from here from the other side, isn't it? But we assume especially that it isn't seen, and I make take off! Because it creeps along thigh time so that I may come out in a camera so that a person doesn't see, it's even more doubtful. Take it out with GABA. A performance enters a room indeed, but I'll show my face to A in the world by the window of the other blind opening. Pant voice is echoed in this town certainly, isn't it? How many times "It was done whether it was possibility and it was very good." did Hagia on earth say to this whole photography?

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"SHOBOI is even how good for exposure, but... a style is II, but mosquito Lamy is ordinary!" "Because I think an expression is not completely satisfactory seemingly, but it's ill-lit.... It's regrettable." "Well, here I don't have, it's a child taste personally. I want you to keep occupied. If it's favorite female KO, I'm even more excited (warai)." "The type I'd like to make my her in AYACHANMAJI is also a girl, me, during, I'd like to take it out and do." "Though a neat girl feels shy at such place, it's good to go."

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