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Mai:Mai's celebration of passage to maturity

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Mai who shone in No1 excellently is going to welcome a celebration of passage to maturity with that popularity poll. Congratulations! The man who meets a celebration of passage to maturity and is looking forward to Mai's reappearance which became an adult, there would be a lot of you, too. For a long time I'm sorry to have kept you waiting. I made them suck CHINKO by a long-sleeved kimono to commemorate it! It's an adult part of the clan finally, isn't it? You'll also want you to be sampling various CHIN PO one after another now, right? This time also waits for condition bewitchment BEROCHUKISSU of a long-sleeved kimono and the knee, service FERA will be here, and holds the legs wide apart, shows off and notifies onanism... by a variety of the contents. All Mai will be an adult, this one which should be commemorated is a permanent preservation edition!

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"They're small and it's pretty. That's so actually, but won't a production face be a little more somehow." "The S order model doesn't like that. Such child is chin PO." "I'd like to see Mai's long-sleeved kimono form, period limitation, it was expected that you delivered it.. it's delivered next time, and, h, please," "Mai with the very cute breast which is KOBURI. Because I'm a Japanese girl as expected, the kimono form is pretty. You make take it off a little, and you'd like the place where you go for HAME." "It looks like after it's taken out and MANKO is seen during slowness, shank. Because it's pretty, splash is also fine..."

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