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Anri Maeda.:A land girl is done full of lotion, and, ZUKKON.

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Today is intensive training to do a final game by the next mass meeting of citizens. Anri who is a perfect amateur to land, with a coach, private lesson. When I take charge of, they're such one of a meet, two and easiness! With a trick of the coach who left Tsuyoshi word? Oh? Pants are possibly also a bra, it wouldn't be worn, would it? For Anri who answered "Yes. He was embarrassed....", "I'd want a medal more than embarrassed!", a condition of a barking "I enter." "I dash to the thermos bottle restroom! I take off all one which tightens a body up and love!" No bread No bra, Anri who has appeared is erotic lesson resumption. When being called if this is a lesson, there is only juu WAU! But with a vulgar means and CHI○ by which the one by which a father of the look fingered an... massage, a false breast and MANKO and made them grasp became stiff were PO clearly! An erotic hand is that, it's oh, in MANKO which became panties full of stealing... lotion, ZUKKON, though, without being made, I also had no choice but to catch resistance by a sweaty body. The demon coach who preys on a girl by fraud with a lesson because this is also one of a lesson..., a land girl, stock in raw HAME! Try making the heart a demon (warai).

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"Is it slightly regrettable because it was expected? By the point that I say that it's eros, no. That's gentle impressions." "Even if it'll be in the state which is a physical strength game, the lady who plays athletics stands, and there is willpower which can be kept out." "Even if it's being judged from the girl of a typewriter who seems not to exercise, it isn't fascinating." "I wasn't favorite type of girl, but it's athletic, so build is reliable, and I have fine teamwork. Oh, are the contents ordinary...." "Already, what on earth is happening to a Japanese girl with what? I'm worried."

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