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Kaoru Hoshino.:My CHARIN daughter-my daughter who dashes in motomata-

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PANPAKAPA-N! shuku! I'll remove a ban on a new series! I attach this series name heated up for a long time, write "oh, my daughter" and read as "bicycle"! No, MANKO is attached to a condition saddle of bread tightly, and, sometimes, SHIKOSHIKO, and, a chilly sense will be transmitted to skin immediately, and I stand up..., intolerable SSU. And the Zillah rhythm which is leaving and rowing the bicycle and while doing, MUSUKOBINBIN vigor, heartily! I return in the car, and, using a rotor, onanism! MANKO is wetted much, and it flies and I have begun to row a bicycle again while loading a kid. By remote control operation, the switch ON!! WI-N WI-N. "Well, impossible impossible impossible impossibility" Kaoru who keeps rowing CHARI doesn't dislike it easily while running wild in ASOKO. Even if I ask too much by force, I run the whole distance until the end! Would it be fun? Is the (warai) lower part of the body already going to be serious actually-, it'll be checked, oh, is it done!

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"I think that it isn't highly regarded so much Kaoru, too, however, for this series, it's seen, and, it may be red snapper." "I have quite fine teamwork and am a cute girl. TATU in the back and the gap of action they seem embarrassed where are also good. A medium stock finish was fine." "It's apparent to feel a bicycle in motomata surely. It's better for there to be no such complication." "Though I don't also have a poor figure by the girl with beautiful skin, is everything spoiled by a tattoo in the back." "They're brown-haired, but I also like SHICHU for simple faces, but, it is☆ decrease that there is a tattoo."

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