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Risa Kono.:Amateur audio visual interview-trial fetish filling-

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This interview corresponded very politely. Because a girl keeps running away by borrowing when CHARA remains and is here. It has to correspond like a gentleman, doesn't it? Because you find out an audio visual and have come for now because it's the ingredient for sushi by which calling interview is disliked more than usual, (KEKEKE), it's the fact with which everything may be crunched everything (It's different.), an audio visual has been seen only a little, the death I go along. It's said that they have not done balled rental. Not rental, but the slightly different dirty which isn't ordinary because the audio visual industry is also depressed after it's bought, (This, oh, by the quality, it's struck.), girl is popular. I was quite in trouble about the interviewer who thinks everything passed when blaming depression. "Yes." may to say everything in TOOTTA understand to hear? This natural interviewer thinks so surely. You try various small fetishism for this abnormal interviewer. CHIN

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"It's a fat face, but POTCHARI stop... Coman is also loose for a body, but is the sensitivity from II?" "By such lady, audio visual interview is the time when a great beauty is found by an amateur can they be discovered?", isn't it?? "PO, it's done badly. The parts aren't bad, so I'd like to see again in the slim state." "I'm worrying about a stomach of meat a little gradually. The feeling which looks like an amateur is perfect,..." "It's true, w which doesn't know the meaning of the w band-aid"

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