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Tanabe RIKO:The girl's plot-my lecherous daughter who has the face which seems quiet-

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Daughter KKO will be an adult body, and the process which goes is very mysterious. Very interesting. It ripened and was an adult, and how did such immature body verify whether you went today? Is the teat which became stiff about 10 mm? The chestnut who welled up is slightly rather small with 7mm. Anal wrinkles, 48 (warai), GUFFUFUFU, excitedly, it's pulse-pounding. Cusco is inserted, and it's examined what happens to the inside! Even the contents of WAREME even measure... every corner perfectly from a hole in the bottom, KORA! In measuring seriously, the lower part of the body is cataclysm event occurrence! I had the face which seems quiet, and it was thought to be quite lecherous. You're punishing for IKENAI child! Said..., I spited and made them feel much. IKENAI child feels away until the end, and, IKE.

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"Your face is good-looking very but isn't well-proportioned! Coman I like... is clean for meat of small breast and stomach and, an anus, IKE, so?" "Well, here I don't have, it's a child taste personally. I want you to keep occupied. If it's favorite female KO, I'm even more excited (warai)." "The girl's mechanism is mysterious and good they're rarely the seen goods.", isn't it? "They're so fresh that my daughter who is doing onanism and is letting UNKO leak doesn't see after giving an enema by a certain site in now." "The girl is cute, I don't know the value to do somatometry by this child."

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