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Maki:Under SAMAGACHINANPABICHI 5-no swimming allowed Beach, to the fullest, aokan-

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SAMAGACHINANPABICHI! FAIBU! I say so, but well, episode 1. Maki who was making a pass at her and was carrying on appearance negotiations before gave OK to me, so I decided to bring you to the beach together. By waiting, fish disclosure. That it's unexpected even if it's called when I go to the beach suddenly, you don't shrink up, right? And arrival. Sea KIRE is comfortable. Reluctantly, it's somewhat strange, it's doubtful, isn't it? That's right, it's a no swimming allowed beach that Maki was collected. KEKEKE. There isn't one person kid, is there? Why, that's right, because I don't have that for swimming. You'll change into a swimsuit in the neighborhood right away. Fair skin is dazzling under the sun. Because it's that I have come to the beach hard, I'll swim a little. To play a form of trick in the water may also be artistic and. While I'm playing each other splash at the water's edge, I'm ready for aokan! Elaborately, there is silk interwoven with gilt thread whitening.

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