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It's Nakamura collar.:When noticing amateur audio visual interview-a false gravure, it's already late-.

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A short circuit can reel a contact, and suits the one visited in interview well, good-looker, sultrily, I loved and did. A which might prepare sneaking a shot. When speaking by telephone, I was a little low toned child, but it was just husky simply, wasn't it? It's tight in visual which seems to be doing a gravure between the expectation and the thigh. That talk is heard while filling out the interview form "You're interested in a gravure of a fashion course." This daughter's on earth having thought what kind of photography it's and having come to the interview and. Oh, such thing. Only the fact of a fact gravure that the HIMICHU (warai) natural interview gang is also good at what kind of recruitment we're doing. I'm also a mean fellow reliably. I'll make take it off by the stupid logic to which I say that a bra and a swimsuit don't change. It was called a film test and a hidden camera was taken up. You were going around already, right? ERI NA also has a gloomy expression on his face, and it's GACHI, but I follow to say. It's still beginning, but can it cease for ERI NA?

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"When the style is good-looking and also perseveres in pillow business in the one from II, do they seem able to go on a gravure? Coman is grotesque ME a little, so the electric light is put off, and... fights to gloss work! !!" "OMEKO is very erotic and though it's a neat cute girl by the slenderness which is Nakamura collar, the face I'm twiddled, am put in and feel, and from which suffers though it's ashamed and I impose, and OMEKO, kan RI, it came off." "It's pretty by a slender body in a favorite short cut and is the young which are a beauty, I want you to keep occupied by all means-!!" "It was expected fairly, I have got tired on the way. I wanted more resistance." "Girl for whom a chute hair is very suitable. Around the lower back, narrow that I don't have that, I seem boyish and make change and is here."

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