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Yuki:A realistic audio visual interview clerical worker series< sequel> is opened to the clerical worker who has applied for-AV interview to the home-.

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Even if a thing as the 3rd time of audio visual photography was a little familiar, when photography negotiations were done at home in GACHI, it became OK, so I'll bother you right away, and I begin to take a picture! ♪ which can pray a dirty expression of Yuki who couldn't see a home was to say and she became careless, and whether it became a little freeing by 1 copy and 2 copies

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"I'll take girl's room, and it's a messy room, but HAME RU NO is enviable for beautiful Yuki by home setting." "The place I don't make black stockings take off is hateful. It's the good accent."

Keywords:A clerical worker and the model system get into a costume slenderly and splash a vibes, group sex and ZAMEN, 69, KUNNI, FERA and beautiful milk.

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