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Wish:It's a housemaid and is a hand, SHIKO, a great deal of spermatozoons have come out!

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NOZOMI of the first appearance becomes a housemaid and challenges service play! I have not usually had such figure, but it's special this time☆, it's a hand first, much, SHIKOSHIKO! MANKO where this time is I because it has become very stiff, is seen, and, SHIKOSHIKO! The end used lotion and saw SHIKO! Such one had not been done so much, but I have been slightly astonished for a lot of spermatozoons to come out....

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"The glasses, the housemaid clothes and the gloves are good. Isn't an ambition enough a little, it's seen, oh. Actor's botsu CHI is also not completely satisfactory. Oh, the end released a spermatozoon in quantities. After it was No bread while sitting down at a middle stage, ASOKO Oku of a dim skirt sees may rather be vulgar." "If I thought that there was no HAME, there was a lot of Zillah showing, it wasn't so much, and this time was a picture in the hand KOKI center. I want you to show me between the thigh a little more." "A face resembles a comic act entertainer and just sees MAN KO with CHIRA, almost all CHIN PO is shown, and, the end. It was trivial one."

Keywords:A beautiful girl, a costume masquerade, glasses, a housemaid, a vibes and ZAMEN.

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