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Limb:The erotic body best which is a puncture-first restriction game-

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Hisashi, a limb♪ will be PANKUGOSU this time, and I appear! Whether it isn't quite ashamed by a TE super-mini, well a limb. In the state that you can't enter a hotel, think whether it's ordinary H today, be restricted by handcuffs by wearing and sudden development and get a movement! Full HAME where the limb who couldn't resist any more is twiddled only with NIKOKOZO, is twiddled, is clapped by a bed and a sofa in an excited limb in the end and thinks, can.

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"Such daughter thinks they seem to have a lot of favorite people. The best, here. They seem to close I many times." "Costume masquerade with a tail. Is it a cat? You'd like pink panties both hands are restricted, and, oh, oh, thick JIRI. FAKKU is in ordinariness by a bed.", right? "Whenever a limb sees, it's light and pretty. And the form of the wonderful style is intolerable." "The breast which almost bursts like red bean jelly in the dear rubber is very good before. The one by which hardness of SM fits a girl and seems soft was good again." "KU where a face and the character are pretty, and, the milk is also big and I'd like the shape, an actor is the audience memory best, too!"

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