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Yuki:A realistic audio visual interview clerical worker series< the second volume> is opened to the clerical worker who has applied for-AV interview to the home-.

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From a day of interview, several days later. A day of pulse-pounding first audio visual photography came. After interviewing overly-serious Yuki tensely, an audio visual actor appears, is twiddled all too soon and makes take it off, and you're making them feel. It'll be that I'm embarrassed exceedingly and that it's comfortable pell-mell, and the one closed beyond the line or the end is unrolling SEX by a bold pose.

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"It's pretty the style and the face are good nowadays, I can't receive rubber kan.", aren't they?, isn't it? "Putting, it feels like securely for Ms. clerical worker a breast is big and very good. Strenuousness has also gone out of FERA, and I'm seeing and feel good. The end is rubber stock, rubber stock.... Oh, is how is it also OK? Everyone, the reaction is rather quiet as I say. You may be more impressed.", doesn't it? "Because the shape and the size are setting of favorite Yuki of a breast and elder sister, may it be intenser." "Cute slender clerical worker. A breast seems to be very well-shaped and be pudding. Since assuming that it's judged from a picture for 21 years old, are they innocent? And, if I think, the feeling that I'm your elder sister tightly by a movie." "A breast is beautiful and good, it's regrettable that voice isn't left out during play."

Keywords:A clerical worker, the model system, slenderness, HAME taking, a costume masquerade, ZAMEN, KUNNI, FERA and beautiful milk.

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