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Yuki:A realistic audio visual interview clerical worker series< the first part> is opened to the clerical worker who has applied for-AV interview to the home-.

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One person had an application of an audio visual to an office. I met for now, and it was said to be a story, so I interviewed. Impressions as the first meeting seem to be a beauty fairly, run after the atmosphere a little, it feels like, but I have just said that it's good like an audio visual. Ordinary interview street, name, age and work were heard at the beginning, but the one by which it's prevalent and is important NA is simply build and a demonstration. Right away, you challenged onanism using a toy at this place by the reason which says so, it's the embarrassed state, so to help a staff...

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"It's the first part, so it'll be involved and be the contents of the degree really. A girl is cute, so the second volume after a while recommends, but when it isn't a typewriter, you wouldn't have to see." "Isn't it felt? Do you stand it? A cry isn't being raised and there is also little writhing. Are you tense?"

Keywords:A clerical worker, the model system, slenderness, a costume masquerade, a vibes, onanism, KUNNI and beautiful milk.

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