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Misaki:The clerical worker of travel agency duties who put on a realistic audio visual interview clerical worker series< the second volume> in-AV interview-

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Cute you go to a hotel for now and "can earn" much, and, to be put on interviewer's superficial word and take a picture. She seems in trouble about money. It's confused, but innocent she's in this pace. And I'm changing suddenly gradually....

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"A girl of a super-beauty! It's pretty, it has the good О large figure, SSU for which it may be suitable! And, click, the fascinated state is also good." "A face also has very fine teamwork for Misaki, I wish I saw an insert part clearly a little more." "I have fine teamwork, so every kind of posture makes a picture. I squat, and, I'm going to put in, for, it's a good one, but a HAME part doesn't look good. When coming near and showing it to me carefully, maybe a camera was better."

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