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Misaki:The realistic audio visual interview clerical worker series (the first part)-clerical worker of travel agency duties who has come to the audio visual interview-

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On some days, there was a question of an application to an adult production company from one clerical worker. The name, the age and the work contents have been explained easily by telephone and interview has been reserved later. She who visits in the child's workplace and is working will be perplexed without a staff's of a production company also giving a notice to the girl who has done a question beforehand. It's said to be for now and though I'm working, I have them drive staff's car, and is going to give an oral examination easily, a thing as neighborhood of her workshop also requests shikan play and toy play without relations there....

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"Work in the costume masquerade 1000 murderer age. An interview in the car and undressing in the car and, oh, only○ thick JIRI. I don't know the meaning to make it the first part well. It'll be only measure gain of a just work. It's pretty, so the girl is good, insubstantial YO is quite." "The setting is wasteful, but clerical worker KOSU may look good on only a famous actress. It's regrettable that there are no performances." "An act in in the car and the closed room I say is being somewhat excited. Because I can think you can't run away, is it felt so? It's strange."

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