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Nami:Undeveloped OMANKO! Pirate development challenge!

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It's Nami's appearance after a long time, stripes with DOKURO where☆ this time is pretty, pants are put on and dirty is done! A reaction is scarce she basically, but while doing variously, the feeling that voice is leaking feels amateur SA, doesn't it? The feeling a person around is interested in dirty by a verandah, and that I'm upsetting is also Good! Brown, simple MANKO is must-see though it's the skin which burned!

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"The back print panties which are DOKUROMAKU on the trained foot. Is a female pirate a costume masquerade of a theme? It's appearance gal looking, but, that a bury minds the contents, pear squid. Is dildo onanism seen and enjoyed." "Stripes with a skull, because they're pants, pirate? The feeling that it's easy what it is. Because such light glue can be enjoyed, but 1000 murderers are fascinating. This girl is young, and the act GOOD! is doing seems to be fresh and seems stereotyped, but, "Survive by a costume masquerade.", I'd like to support."

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