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Louis:ITCHINI and ITCHINI! Standing on hind legs is full of vitality!

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Vigor of a debut is Louis's appearance today much! The body is slightly strong, but vigor is given to everyone by a cheerleader! Zillah Zillah sees the bottom where☆ of warming-up exercises is KOSU by raw underwear first, but such, without interference! Because standing on hind legs is also the fact I want to be vigorously, (It's a punitive game.) it's tasted, it's rubbed by hand and ONAHORU is also used! After Louis is seen and a spermatozoon is taken out much☆.

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"It's fascinated with the hand maneuvering which threshes and squeezes up to the last one drop tightly."

Keywords:A gal, a girl student, a costume masquerade, a cheerleader, ZAMEN and FERA.

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