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Limb:Bunny girl best of fascination-breast of PURUN PURUN-

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I'm the limb who wrapped the body which is fascination in a bunny girl,☆ is the native bunny of No bread and No bra who doesn't wear underwear of course,☆ is outstanding in a☆ style and is a costume which stands out further, but she seems not to be also altogether, don't she? I'm the limb who is turning over various places with PERON and is playing, but putting HAME has been done without also making take it off until the end this time as expected!

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"The bunny girl's No tight strike is valuable there over net tights is an excited thing.", isn't it? "Because I'm the limb outstanding in a style, good-looking bunny girl. Rabbit of a smiling face is cute." "Net tights are in the destiny which is always torn up. It's the method made a pattern, but it's covered with prettiness of the girl."

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