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Eli:Does your European daughter spite a medium man and do 3 P conversely?

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It's said that you spite a dress for the adult lady who dressed up and a* such person, please, and Mr. medium man appears! The man who is the complete medium condition puts handcuffs and an eye mask by himself, and picks standing on hind legs with an umbrella, and it's toyed with by a brush. By a desire of Mr. medium man, HAME, make, just, a different man breaks in, too! It's 3P all too soon and looks like mausoleum● a little reversely, it isn't seen...

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"The title is mysterious, but is it the suitable costume masquerade which looks like your daughter? Do you say the KAMAACHINKO twiddle is tortured? It doesn't feel like that I'm an actress with laver laver, too and. It isn't understood well." "HAME RU has not been judged from a costume of a long skirt. When it isn't always rolled up, it can be close in a skirt, and I don't know what is being done. I also have the idea that you may be able to imagine to it as oh, but I'd like to see as expected. This girl and Eli seemed elegant, and it was really suitable."

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