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Rear:My pie bread nurse daughter grinds MANKO into a face, and, FERA and hand KOKI?

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A rear of the nurse form is the first appearance! The slightly different child who calls a rear pie bread from the beginning with what...? They look to begin to shave recently from the place where marks of shaving are still left☆, the place where kaoki also worries about a vanity "Is it OK?" etc. actor as the first time, UIUI, I come and sulk-.

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"The one as the form that only the lower part of the body is still born is also good because that's pie bread, it's still good. That there is no HAME, when I'm going to say so and you can't enjoy yourself, exceeding may be hard for 20 minutes only in hand KOKI.", isn't it? "Is MA○ like being oriented to pie bread rather than pie bread KO for this, w"

Keywords:A model course, a girl student, a costume masquerade, a nurse, ZAMEN, pie bread shaving and FERA.

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