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Yuko:I'd like to put all toys in! That dirty is being done, many times, I,☆.

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Gym clothes are bloomers as expected, aren't they? The foot which is the rod rod which sticks out of bloomers is intolerable! A vibes is put in while shifting bloomers and standing on hind legs is inserted and done just as it is, and buds, because there are only☆ gym clothes, and it's easy to move, riding is II! I think that they were the most suitable clothes for sensitive Yuko☆,☆,☆.

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"RORI, a figure, so it has the good figure of bloomers and looks good. A sense is intolerable in PU NIPU around MANKO."

Keywords:I splash raw HAME namakan, a beautiful girl, a girl student, bloomers, HAME taking, a costume masquerade, a vibes and ZAMEN, KUNNI and FERA.

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