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Nami:MA○ of 18 years old, KO? -The girls' school draft beer to which compensated dating was accustomed-

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A girl of waiting of the school way back (gal) is Nami always supporting. Since the height gets it for an uncle with the 140cm generation, bud fairly, girl. Their behavior as usual, gekisatsu. That they're young, Hari of skin is outstanding! The sensitivity is still childish and scarce in a reaction, but FERA, already,* for seniors.., many times, stet, well it was, but it's stood and stood, and the end looks like usual and it's revealed in teenage MANKO !!

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"I make them think the teens when I falsify from a surface fresh and cry. That the figure is slightly loose, I also have meat a worrisome place, but I hide in a uniform well."

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