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Misaki and limb:★★★ Two people have complete set of Misaki and limb, and can I debut? ★★★

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"I debut as us and a new student!!" outstanding they'll run wild by 1000 murderers now with the♪ appearance and the style by which 2 beautiful girls who fit a body on a student uniform have debuted from 1000 murderers! They don't seem to say a debut work first, person's male ASOKO is tasted with two people, AIKKO. FERA has not done with two people, and, a little, TERE, but, for the person who is a man hard, I, can, think, was it comfortable? GURAI, cute they. Misaki is gentle and has the atmosphere which looks like an adult, but it's also the feature this also contains nature a little, and that a smiling face is pretty though a natural daughter... limb is the model figure actually. Both of two people have quite fine teamwork, a limb is a F cup! When such two people line up, a man is a bottle bottle, isn't he? It's still a foreword, but please also support them now!

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"Surprisingly, cute two people are also the debut which is together, but do you make intention last a little too much"? I'm lonely only in FERA." "It's only FERA, but NUKI DOKORO can permit only appearance of a pretty girl duo as an idol. The whole making seems to be an idle video, so it may be the one of which I can think so in particular."

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