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Misa:"Cool air○ depression of HARUHI" in RAIBUKOSU, dirty live starting!

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This Misa is appearance in HARUHIKOSU! Indeed this RAIBUKOSU was a fitting tailor-made role for her of the fine system, wasn't it? Understand by a previous work, she, very, there is eros! And if she holds a microphone in her mouth, won't onanism loving vibes loving dirty loving triple time☆ be separated any more? While being dirty, be said that they have gone many times, and such eros stay here and see her much, please☆,☆.

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"That I say HARUHI, I remembered and if a costume masquerade was seen and maybe it was a game of cod, thought of uniform KOSU. But the title as RAIBUKOSU is seen, and, yes, I see." "I have a beautiful feature so often, of the age, it seems developed about dirty comparatively." "When I say in TSUNDERE which isn't RORI, TSUN, girl of feeling. When it's turned over, it's pie bread there! Very nice combination. A breast is also the moderate size which isn't too big, securely!!"

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