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Kay:The first photography? Onanism is done by two people and it's shown, AIKKO.

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I'll deliver Kay's debut work this time. I arrange to meet Miss KYABA before attendance and Kay at the downtown area, and it's to a hotel just as it is. The state Kay is said to be first photography today and with which quite tense, too. You sit down on a chair, and a hand man gropes, and does a rotor, and you pose sexily, and it starts from onanism. Kay who has seen that and has been excited begins to be transformed into a small woman. It already seems to make FERA 69 and the riding place aggressive by a floor and need the tension when being the beginning, somewhere, and I'm excited about a bed each other each other, appreciating mutual onanism with two people. Even the bathroom which is attacked back though it says "A lower person is seeing.", adjourns and moves by the window, and makes the window opening, and backs, and it resumes by a bed while getting wet just as it is, the end is launch in the mouth! But, the face a great deal of spermatozoons come out and also overflow the mouth, and which is Kay, already,* full of spermatozoons... The person himself is surprised, too, but there seem to have been some satisfactions.

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"The girl who is the slightly rather attenuate type. Of a waist, narrow and, a balance of tension of the bust may take it. Moreover it seems pretty, so maybe various costumes are well-matched."

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