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MEINA:It has been disordered by a kimono! Is MEINA in the first 3P?

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You put on a kimono for small MEINA! It's eaten, KUNNI is made a crowded lower back of pants and the pretty bottom is stroked! Because it's the small bottom, it may also fit into a palm, MEINA doesn't stay at only person of☆ and another man is the entry into the war... weak character, too, but CHINKO says a bottle bottle, and suffers unconsciously, too! The top and the bottom holds standing on hind legs of two men in its mouth by 3P consequently, and, during, it's taken out, a countenance strikes, if, it's open extraordinariness, and, already, good-bye, it's a mode, isn't it?

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"3P isn't liked and, is a costume also an incomplete kimono? A work for this MEINA took it out and was regrettable." "You didn't show me a part of a chest tightly, since making it the feeling that they're small, I could think as the enough size. By the figure, RORI, it feels like, so Japanese clothes seem to be a costume of 753, and you bud."

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