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Marie:In the car, FERA,♪ Extra Episode

SenninGiri:2010/02/17 Return To Index
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When I asked photography Michinaka for FERA, you did OK! It was said that the staff who was seeing at the side was too cute, and it was sudden favor... Extra Episode, and I could look stealthily at Marie's natural face a little.

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"Though I'm cute Marie hard, it's an imperfect combustion only in FERA. It's wasteful." "Could you utilize Marie by the pretty mouth? And voice is also liked My GU daughter! !! (GUKKO) and how to call the girl who liked only me who reads" "It may not be suitable for the person who can't be satisfied only in FERA. In thick FERA, launch in the mouth. I have a pretty face, and it's wonderful. And it's enviable."

Keywords:A ham, RORI, a beautiful girl, launch in the mouth, ZAMEN, KUNNI and FERA.

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