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Rika:How to kill the story after school-hour of the girls' school draft beer-

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Brown-haired F cup girls' school raw present RU of big breasts! The form after school of one girl was caught, the girls' school draft beer which is nowadays is such reality, isn't it? They seem to seem usually weary, but when it's dirty, they seem to switch over to the slightly different switch. That I say a F cup, PAIZURI also is in good shape! The end, during, with the resolution which takes it out, is done and bears a child?

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"When everything is taken off, everyone is same, and the character isn't certain. JK leaves only a skirt and understands feeling from HAME RU. Also only a skirt is left and HAME is being rolled up this time, but a skirt is being rolled up well, so the HAME condition is seen tightly."

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