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Saori:Swimming race swimsuit exercising-lotion is used, and it's smooth-.

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When I do the☆ exercises which had Saori who put on a swimming race swimsuit do exercises and get exercise, various places bite and are crowded, that, there isn't eros! I eat, make them crowded and touch, and it's a linear man and is clammy by lotion! The dirty is also quite tight-lipped and best while putting on a swimsuit☆.

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"Good of the style may be taken up, but is a costume of a swimming race swimsuit a little tired in HAME." "The breast is rather small, but a style, securely. A swimming race swimsuit may take it and is suitable. One around the V zone isn't dealing with a hair or sticks up, shaves and leaves it, with mistiness, the degree is Up."

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