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YUU:Please eat a school swimsuit and make be crowded!

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Extra Episode corner in YUU! BATCHI SHI puts on a school swimsuit, and radio exercises bite☆ various places, and it's the ideal costume by which a well-matched school swimsuit is she in the☆ childish feature which makes them crowded and has made them have a vulgar figure, isn't it?

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"It's SUKU water, but SUYO is an important thing at GOMUHAME and GOMUHAME, so I say twice." "It's appearance for SUKU water, but it's hinnyuu. A striped striped knee is high maniacal putting play for SUKU water. From some other place of the swimsuit, oh,○ of KO, a little. I get wet and make them get wet, and ZUBOZUBO is put in. The unusual work which can't judge a breast and a teat from SUKU water until the end." "Though YUU is usual, the one which is rubber kan is regrettable. Because I'm the girl who seems to like dirty, I'd like to request raw HAME at least." "If I thought a pie bread beautiful girl, it was the type from which only a joint was taken away. It's a little regrettable for a pie bread lover, but when a school swimsuit is being turned over, a hair hides, so it seems to be pie bread at all."

Keywords:A beautiful girl, a school swimsuit, HAME taking, a costume masquerade, a vibes, ZAMEN, onanism, KUNNI and FERA.

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