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Saori:Is a beauty witch the licentious nature?

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Appearance of Ms. witch who is a beauty! No, it's beautiful, it's pretty, isn't it? Though they're still young, the character is modest, very, it's the feel I'd like to spite, they seem weak in a (warai) vibes and den MA, and I think that I have also gone several times this time..., it seems to have been attacked by various posture and have been she who doesn't have that it was usually experienced, and I'm a girl with a simple impression!

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"It's too beautiful by a beauty!!! Ryo is satisfied slowly, and also does a costume of Ms. (^.^) witch who saw very much, and it's one about which Mr. bill has no complaints." "Saori didn't seem to say Ms. witch, but it was moist, and a cute girl was fine." "I think perfect black hair was preferred, the thing which isn't flashy blond hair is help. The feeling that I cooled down suits a total as expected. Model Saori is slender, too, the feeling that I cooled down did. Because the nature is a costume with little prospect of finding a husband, it's looking obscene."

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