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Yuko:Momushiri-small bottom of a slender beauty-

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Yuko of some exotic model order slender beauty. It's small but satisfied with the soft bottom carefully♪ The bottom which was tight while smiling like a small devil by the swimming race swimsuit form, FURIFURI, while, provocation♪ When a man grabs the bottom to confront, hand KOKI is begun. Carefully, FERA, a sexy sigh is satisfied with the bottom and a limited part by a finger and a tongue, and when blaming a rotor, begins to leak unconsciously. Though I make them twist a body when thrusting back, I agonize myself attractively!

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"This CHARA male actor! Be so and make it irresponsible! Though an actress is a very cute child, it's spoiled by production and a man! A camerawork as which a too dark one and actress's face aren't seen at all, a rise of CHINKO and a countenance are toing and froing, and a camera is always moving, so no one irritated is seeing, and benefits from it, so please make only this man dismissal early!"

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