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Kumi:I'd like to do wonderfully! Super-RORIGYARU where the curiosity which is kai #119-ETCHI is full-

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Kumi of super-Lolita girls' school draft beer "would like to make the eyes which moved rapidly swelled with tears and do dirty", TOONEGARI♪ I taste a teat, just stroke between the thigh from the top of panties, let pretty voice leak and find sensitively because it's age very interested in Koto who is ETCHI! When blaming pink ASOKO in KUNNI with a hand man, I make a noise with KUCHUKUCHU and get wet away. When CHI○ which towers inserts PO in silver silver color from the rear in FERA, I make them twist a slender body, and agonizes oneself away!

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"An actor of HON MAKO is worst. Without camera poorness and a technology, BUSAIKU and Inage with the untidy figure (Actress's anus isn't seen by his hair.) don't go one without physical strength any more!" "By this site, this poor actor! Though the actress is very attractive and pretty, why doesn't a production side understand that it becomes spoiled by this male cause? Is the user that everyone is impatient at this man? White flies and is terrible, can't I take a picture of the camera angle worst stock calmly? A rise of a joint, a little more, of, you'd like not to need and to see the form of the actress, only CHINKO moves oh!" "This daughter isn't also bad-looking! Not noisily, but moderate flesh is also healthy and good a body! That I say whether it's both 1 can never be called a beautiful man freely, shuu man. There are a lot of children who write Agra on the being a woman and don't even do local care these young seem whether is also its kind. The special good material becomes spoiled in SOKO, it's wasteful. Because it was a pay member hard, I'd like to see a beautiful female body.", aren't there? "He's also BA or again by a site of this actor or*.. other ones, but a picture is taken and his HAME is difficult to see. ga can act like a camera and doesn't become stable at all. The rise is also good, but if I think the whole was reflected to want to see the whole, a camera moves unsteadily right now, and I film a close-up and. Such, please stop how to take a picture."

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