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Hitomi Okada.:Nagoya's good woman

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A popular actress and stone o, they're clever, Hitomi of resemblance. Youth which can't even believe if two parents say, that I'm married. The figure a style doesn't also collapse, but everyone envies with 84 or 59 or 86 from the top! Such beautiful married woman, an eye suspects as the outdoors exposure, the outdoors urination and play in the car, in the bold behavior which isn't believed! A metamorphosis of such beautiful married woman acts, it can rarely be seen.

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"There is no reappearance since 2013.8, I want you to take out more works for the so cute actress." "Hitomi who is pretty and outstanding in a style and the lady who doesn't block and asks me every kind of thing." "It was being talked about with two parents, but I was your wife who makes the clean build wonderful. I was also buxom and sensitiveness was very fine." "How many times do you think this actress makes the good body so beautifully that it seems possible? It's must-see." "A beautiful body is being done it seems to be attentive skin. A reaction of involvement is good, but a navel pierced earring is slightly regrettable.", isn't it?

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