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Hazuki:Exposure hot spring immoral travel 2 Sequel.

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While two people who rolled up YA RI and a sequel lie idle in an outdoor hotspring bath having no time to arrive at a Japanese-style hotel by the first part and cool down, I feel reluctant to give up, and, HAME rolling! The conclusion record picture by which time limits and rolls up YA RI though a young wife of the yukata form disturbs a yukata and hangs NEBA soup from MANKO with a bed during blow awaken and an outdoor hotspring bath by a kotatsu in the morning. Secret stealth travel reveals the true character of the married woman to the family!

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"A last scene was felt very realistically. It was good because I also had the dark production effect." "Possibility putting Chang is cute and, during, without the facts I begin to take it out and says, such cute young wife is increased and it's preferred to a pipe." "It's pretty! At the rear shop which is a warm-up at a public bath, FAKKU! A scene by riding is the erotic KU best very much!" "It's quite good!" "The sequel is also good following the first part. The last medium stock is also good thank you for the meal.", isn't it?

Keywords:A ham and a mature woman/a married woman, slenderness and a toy, during, beautiful milk takes it out and is in twenties.

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