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Ko Saki Rena:Spermatozoon KOMINIKESHON of a female president

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reina president who possesses the intellect and fascinating at the same time in a red suit. The female spear hand president yearned for by a male staff sincerely! The male staff always rising and working works for achievement of a company, eager energetic elitist group. Be because a president takes special KOMINIKESHON for staff education personally, and please make sure of... and the secret by yourself!

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"Ko Saki Rena on whom black underwear looks good in a red suit is blow and the leopard pattern first in hand KOKI, blow." "Something the one such female president twiddles by everyone calls a rule of a company." "Of the standing on hind legs by which President person of ability of a red suit is a staff, SHIKOSHIKO will be best the flexible finger." "Black pantyhose was excited at the suited figure. Anyway I'm a beautiful actress." "Dashing female president. BI jealousy is decided, and a suit also rallies staff's mind to do today."

Keywords:A ham and a mature woman/a married woman, slenderness and a countenance strike, and beautiful milk is in twenties.

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