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Sayaka:Married woman home HAME-home shy exposure-

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Be Sayaka who will visit and bother you this time and time of night at a true married woman home, and meet to the apartment front door without worrying about an eye in neighborhood. And the word off which the word, "To wear nothing under the coat." and the provocation come after having finished exchanging greetings. In the elevator in the middle of going to the room, and the behavior erotic on the unfeeling stairs! The behavior about which a resident is troubled is making sure by itself!

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"Ms. slender mature woman. You'd like vulgar tongue usage and pant voice from the point that the bearded faces of the actor aren't a dirty one and launch in the mouth, 4 of☆", right? "An uncertain trade look, I was a lady. The trace where I gave birth to a child by a Caesarean section looked vivid." "By your slender wife, in FERA at a front door, very,-erotic KU, and, it's best. The next eros, well, but it's pleasant." "Is the thin one also too thin as II? Cultured OPAI is too pitiful, and,..." "Even if MANKO takes for tongue usage, I'm your EROI wife, but are you slightly too thin."

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