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Masami:I make advances to 3 at which I grumble about a housewife-your shopping wife-.

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I make a pass at the flashy housewife shopping at a certain department store. A leg which puts on net tights which are seen as the fashionable figure of which I can't think as a full-time housewife at all from the hem in a court is a nonesuch! Until my husband goes home, the marvellous figure and the beautiful seat into which net tights ripped in particular invite to a hotel by an appointment and when a coat is taken off, pass through 2 shots of firing easily a man, too!

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"A wife of a body of II feeling fairly, to a man, they seem to attack and know DOKORO. Good YO." "I'm an actress of a younger-generation mom course a little. The breast which seems soft is charm. By a finish, the one as abdomen stock is regrettable. Cleaning FERA at least, please." "The bottom is also outstanding in a beautiful person, II. But an actor is worst. It's shaggy and is a mustache, KUNNI is feeling vice. Such actor takes it out...., though 5 were a star by a female element, it's very regrettable! !!!" "Do you make a pass at her and are you blow Tsumo? It's good, I'd like to estimate, too." "It's beautiful,--. The hanging down condition of CHICHI arouses best it's also beautiful there and!", doesn't it?

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